So much of the job hunting process involves waiting. Waiting for the right opportunity, waiting for your application to be accepted, and waiting for the results of an interview can all feel excruciating—but having patience is important! If you’d like to follow up on a job to see if it’s been filled, there are a few ways you can do so. We’ve answered some of your most pressing questions so you can reach out to your potential employer while still remaining professional.

How do you ask if a job is still available by phone?

  1. They’re the ones who will be able to tell you whether or not the job is still open. Try checking the company’s website to see if they have any contact information for their recruiters, too.[1]
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    Ask questions about the job.Once you get ahold of someone, start out by asking if the job is still available. If it is, treat the phone call like a pre-interview: ask about the position, what it entails, and who they’re looking for. Always be polite, and try not to take up too much of their time if they sound busy.[2]

    • Try to act humble throughout the phone conversation. This could be a good way to score points with the director or manager.[3]


Is it okay to follow up on a job after submitting an application?

It will show the company that you’re serious about wanting the position. It also tells your potential employer that you’re responsible and dedicated, just like you would be on the job.[5]

  • Try to check in with the person who arranged the interview.[6]
  • If you were referred to the job opening by someone within the company, you could check in with them to see if they have any inside information.[7]

How do you follow up on a job after submitting an application?

  1. An email is probably the easiest way to go for a followup question.[8] You can check the company website or the job application submission criteria for the email of a hiring manager or HR personnel.[9]
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    Call the company if you feel comfortable doing so.If you can’t find anyone’s email, giving the company a call is your next best bet. You can try calling an HR person directly, or you can call the main office and ask for a hiring manager.[10]

What do you say when following up after an application?

  1. Just double-check that the company got your resumé and that everything looks good. If there was an error on your end (or their end), you might need to send in your application again.[11]
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    Inquire about a timeframe for the recruiting process.Don’t be pushy about it, but make sure you sound interested about the job. Say something like, “I was wondering how long it typically takes to fill a role like this.”[12]
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    See if they need any additional information from you.If there was anything missing on your application, they might not have enough info to approve it. Double-check by asking, “Did you need anything else from me before reviewing my application?” After that, you can thank them for their time and end the call or email.[13]