Landscape Architect

Full Time
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Job Description:


Design and plan outdoor spaces, landscapes, and environments, including parks, gardens, residential areas, and commercial developments.

Conduct site analysis, assessments, and surveys to evaluate site conditions, constraints, and opportunities.

Develop conceptual designs, master plans, and schematic drawings to illustrate design concepts and ideas.

Select and specify appropriate plant materials, hardscape elements, and sustainable design features.

Collaborate with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors to coordinate design development and implementation.

Prepare construction documents, specifications, and cost estimates for landscape projects.

Monitor and inspect landscape installations to ensure compliance with design intent and quality standards.

Stay updated with emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in landscape architecture.


Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture or related field.

Licensure as a Landscape Architect (if required by state or jurisdiction).

Proven experience in landscape design, planning, and project management.

Proficiency in CAD software, GIS, and other design tools.

Strong design and visualization skills.

Knowledge of landscape construction techniques, materials, and plant materials

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