Principal Officer

Full Time
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Job Description:



Leads the institution, making sure it follows its rules.

Makes sure the institution follows the law.

Manages things to keep the institution running well, while keeping it separate and protecting town property.

Oversees educational, care, and kitchen activities, leading the education board.

Makes decisions the board can make, and makes sure they happen.

Keeps rules inside the institution and makes sure everyone knows them.

Talks regularly with deputies and heads of nursery and kitchen units.

Acts as the employer, helps with training, and decides on things about how the institution works.

Plans, reports, gives information, and collects data.

Decides how to use money, making sure there’s enough staff and materials.

Applies for projects that can help the institution.

Handles educational tasks and represents the institution.




Having a vocational qualification or a bachelor’s degree, or being trained as a kindergarten teacher or specialist.

At least 5 years of work experience and 5 years of being a manager.

Giving a plan for how to lead the institution based on looking at what’s happening and having a vision.

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